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As a marketing specialist, we will ensure that your Ads are placed at specific positions in our content or across our 1000s of influencer sites and blogs. Plus we also help enhance your Ad promotions creatively making sure that they always look good and attract more viewers attention. We offer:

  • Social Post Advertising
  • Blog Content Advertising
  • In-video advertising
  • Influencer advertising


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We will promote your message on the most trendy and visually appealing blog sites and partners...

We focus on value instead of the "Click here! Click here!" ethos of other ad networks. Bloggers in our network are hand-picked based on content quality and audience engagement, and we only work with advertisers that provide value to those audiences as well. Our native ad unit respects user experience, appears in uncluttered environments, and promotes products and services that are actually relevant to site visitors.

All of our clients are passionate about what they advertise including products, services, app, websites, events, social causes etc. and are delighted by the results that they continue to receive from us. Remember some of the best companies out there advertise on a regular basis across multiple platform in order to stay relevant in the mins of the consumer and to keep growing in sales. Unlike the fortunes they pay to media giants what we're offering you is an affordable alternative with the same effect and global reach.

Smart Video Advertise Your Brand!

Reach thousands of viewers by advertising your brand with videos across our multiple platforms

Video advertising is a perfect add-on to complement your existing marketing strategy to achieve greater results. Order our Video Advertising package and we will show you the best way to engage with more customers eager to learn about the brand you present. Create more opportunities to monetize your business faster. Our video platform secures quality engagement with viewers through a number of embedded features.

Imagine having your brand Ads displayed across all of our popular platforms including our Wer8™ Facebook page and private fb group, which has over 400K active user engagement. Or imagine your video Ads embedded on our popular Blog and News Channels. Or how would you like your video Ad to showcase during our weekly LIVE broadcast on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram? 

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Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook Advertise

Leverage the power of our popular social pages to get more organic reach...

Of course, nowadays all of the social networks offer some type of advertising functionality and that may be great for some business but it can also be costly over a longer period and you may not get the type of response that you were hoping for. Most people have now become blind to social feed adverts because so many people are doing it. 

However, the type of social advertising we offer is totally different from you may be used to as we give our clients exclusive options to advertise to our own popular pages that we manage so, for example, our PINTEREST PAGE has a reach of over 2million engaged users and our boards are very popular for high traffic. Another example could be our private group for bloggers, where most advertisers promote a lot of their products and services and the great thing about our pages and groups is that most of the users are power bloggers and influencers that we can also select to promote your campaigns. And that is just the tip of the iceberg, we have so many more niche specific social pages that we manage - you'll be amazed at what we can do for your brand.