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Our Email platform will allow you to:

  • Offer FREE documents or ebook downloads
  • Offer Coupon codes or discounts
  • Offer Freebies like podcast or mixtapes
  • Offer Guestlist Access to events
  • Offer all of your brand or company resource materials
  • Offer Access to digital product downloads or secret links
  • Full Selling Capabilities via Paypal
  • 100% Compliant Organic Growth


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Simple share your platform link or offers on social media to get leads...

For some business owners, email marketing may seem archaic. With the prevalence of social media, and a hundred other forms of messaging, the traditional email format feels relatively old. However, it still remains one of the most powerful and thoroughly understood “modern” forms of communication. That’s why just about every social media platform requires you to have an email.

For business owners, email lists can yield dramatic rewards. According to Direct Marketing Association, email marketing on average sees a 4300 percent return on investment (ROI) for businesses in the US and UK.

Email is necessary. You can go for a few days without checking social media or video chatting with your friends and family, but most business minded people check their email several times a day. The problem is that you have your fancy website with some type of offer, but still no one wants to sign up to your opt in form or email list. WHY?

Maily because YOU DON'T OFFER SOMETHING OF ENOUGH VALUE, to make them want to invest in giving you their email address. Not until now!

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Our platform is so powerful not only will you be able to giveaway quality content in exchange for valid email leads, but you can also transform it into a full blown e-commerce page. As part of any package you choose, you can link or add your paypal details in the settings section and sell any piece of content you want straight away, so not only will you collect the valid email address but you can also make the sale right from within the platform.

If you've ever wanted to monetize your blog or website, then now you can will this platform. And the coolest part is that each month we will keep adding more amazing content to your account so you're page is always fresh and up to date.

Remember you can Sell Books, Mixtapes, Coupons, Vouchers or even charge people to be on your events Guestlist all from this powerful platform. So go ahead and place your order today!


This platform will come populated with at least 4 attention grabbing ebooks that will allow you to grow your list right away.

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Monthly Email Platform Service

You can add extras to your order to enhance your account...

Our Monthly Email Platform Service is ideal for every type of online who is looking for a set-and-forget it powerful service. Here's some of the additional features you will get as part of your package each month:

  • Get monthly content updates
  • Get 4 New attention grabbing ebooks added
  • Offline Businesses
  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate Marketers

Just to name a few...

So not only will you be able to add your own content onto the platform, but we will also keep updated it with some of the best attention grabbing content from across the world which generate a high click through and conversion rate.

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