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As your business branding consultant, we give strategic advice in the process of establishing and developing your brand, creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from others. By leading the journey of self-discovery, we help you create a brand that is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be. Check out what we have done for artists and music businesses and get in touch to plan a free consultancy session.

We do a lot more than just build your NEW trendy campaigns. Our consultation sessions also cover some very important influencer strategies and methods that are specific to your brand to help draw out your audience and further increase your goals. Some of these methods include:

  • Areas of business opportunity
  • Content Creation Marketing
  • Business Funnels Techniques
  • Brand Positioning and Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing


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We provide insights and recommendations throughout the conversation on where your brand or business is at the moment and come up with some strategies and timescales for when they should be implemented in order to start seeing tangible results. We will also discuss with you what are the best strategies for saving time and resources by using social media effectively. So yes once again that means that we will analyze and go over your social presence and give the necessary recommendations that you will need.

All of our customers trust the process and they are delighted by the results that they continue to receive. Remember some of the best companies out there have a team of expensive consultants behind them. However what we're offering you is an affordable alternative from the comfort of your home, computer or mobile device.

International Engagement!

Our professionals will train and teach you how to grow your brand!!

We’ll map your customer journey and help you create the most effective funnel from their first interaction to lifetime loyalty, so you can make a brand promise and actually deliver on it. Whether in-store, online or in-the-moment, we’ll change the way they interact with—and get attached to—your brand.

During your One-on-One private training, we're going to teach you how to optimize the customer experience to maximize engagement with your brand. Either directly from your website/blog or by driving traffic through your social media channels, we’ll help you elevate every brand interaction with communication, training, content creation training and a lot more.

All of their consultation sessions have been fun yet so insightful, I would recommend that anyone who is serious about their brand growth jump on a call and speak with these guys, they've got a lot to offer!

Tamika Bailey (Gen Ex Ventures PLC)

Our sessions are perfect if you're in these industries

the longer the consultation the more we can cover!

For Bloggers

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We’ll teach you how to map your reader/customer journey from their first interaction with your blog all the way to becoming lifetime subscribers, as you start to focus on monetizing your blog and begin promoting and advertising stuff that aligns with your brand image

For Large Firms

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We will teach you how to optimize your customer experience to maximize engagement with your brand. Either directly with customers or by driving your employees to perform better with methods for good communication, training, and recognition for your top staff.

For e-Sellers

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From analytics and strategy to technology and execution, we'll teach you how to engage your site visitors, leverage your channels, connect with your customers and make your brand bond unbreakable.